XMG OASIS: firmware update changelog

  • v1.0.1.7
    • Fixed "Pump Status Error" Mark I, Rev. 1 and Rev. 2 (LCT21001) which did not have the water flow sensor yet.
    • Fix requires to update Control Center (see overview or see download portal for your laptop) before or after Firmware Update.
    • For owners of XMG CORE/NEO from 2022: Control Center has been re-released but it keeps the same version number. Please re-download and re-install.
  • v1.0.1.6
    • Improved PWM signal to make "Very Quiet" fan profile more quiet.
    • Added compatibility with XMG OASIS Mark I Rev. 3 (support water flow sensor).
  • v1.0.0.5
    • Modified pump speed in liquid refill operation mode.
    • Improved disconnect and shutdown sequence.
    • Introduced ability for automatic standby.


Notice: XMG OASIS Firmware Update may not complete over Bluetooth with AMD RZ608 Wi-Fi module

According to user reports, the AMD RZ608, the default Wi-Fi module for XMG CORE and NEO M22 with AMD Ryzen 6000, is not able to complete the XMG OASIS firmware update.

We intend to fix this with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth driver updates. Meanwhile, it is possible to update the XMG OASIS firmware from any other PC. Installing Control Center is not required for performing the XMG OASIS Firmware Update.


Download portals for compatible laptop models

Besides the firmware update for XMG OASIS, please also make sure that the firmware and Control Center on your laptop is up to date. Here is a list of compatible laptop models. Please pick the laptop that you own. You can identify your laptop model with the info sticker on bottom case.


FAQ and further information

Please check out the FAQ for XMG OASIS on the product page:


Announcements and further reading

For more discussion, please also join us on Discord in the channel #xmg-oasis.


XMG OASIS Benutzerhandbuch (Deutsch).pdfDownload
XMG OASIS User Manual (English).pdfDownload
XMG OASIS Service Manual (English).pdfDownload
XMG OASIS Base Foot Technical Drawing.pdfDownload
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