VIA 15

SCHENKER VIA 15 Pro (M22) (ID: SVI15PM22)

Changelog: 2022-07-08: Initial Release 2022-09-01: Firmware Update to BIOS N.1.06A08 and EC 1.15.20 Warning: Setting the iGPU to “disabled” will cause the device to have no display output Please contact [email protected] if you accidentally disabled the iGPU Changelog: Added setting … Read More

SCHENKER VIA 15 (E20) (ID: SVI15E20)

Changelog: 2021-09-29: Updated link to Intel Killer WiFi 2022-08-16: Updated driver (Chipset, Audio, LAN) 2022-08-16: Added EC 1.15.20 2023-01-31: Added BIOS N.1.08 2023-12-27: Added EC 1.16.20 2023-12-27: Added BIOS N.1.09 Notice: If you have technical issues with the latest driver … Read More