XMG PRO 15 (E22) (ID: XPR15E22)
XMG PRO 17 (E22) (ID: XPR17E22)

Changelog: 2022-07-14: Initial Release 2022-08-29: renamed Driver_PantoneInstaller.zip to Driver_X-Rite-Color-Calibration.zip 2022-09-21: Added Driver-Creative_SoundBlaster_Atlas_App.zip – Please see README Notice: If you have technical issues with the latest WQHL driver from Intel website, please consider to use the driver “OEM Original”. Supported Operating … Continue Reading

XMG PRO 17 (E20) (ID: XPR17E20)

Changelog: 2021-04-09: Added Control Center 3.0 v3.37 2021-05-31: Added Control Center 3.0 v3.43 2021-08-09: Added BIOS 1.07.06RTR2 2021-08-11: added Control Center 3.0 v3.46 2021-09-29: Updated link to Intel Killer WiFi 2021-10-12: Added EC 1.07.05 2021-12-28: Added BIOS 1.07.10RTR1

XMG PRO 17 (M18) (ID: XPR17M18)