XMG PRO 17 E22

XMG PRO 15 (E22) (ID: XPR15E22)
XMG PRO 17 (E22) (ID: XPR17E22)

Changelog: 2022-07-14: Initial Release 2022-08-29: renamed Driver_PantoneInstaller.zip to Driver_X-Rite-Color-Calibration.zip 2022-09-21: Added Driver-Creative_SoundBlaster_Atlas_App.zip – Please see README 2022-12-24: Added BIOS 1.07.12RTR1 2023-01-06: Added BIOS 1.07.12RTR2 Fixed an issue with the CPU power limits when changing performance profiles 2023-02-17: added Thunderbolt driver … Read More